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Happy Fall!

It's fall!! What a whirlwind the past 5 months have been!! I can't believe we started this journey that long ago already! I am beyond grateful for everyone who has supported me in this venture, your encouragement and feedback are appreciated more than you know. This was supposed to be a side project, but due to a change in circumstances in my "worklife", I am currently focusing on the business full-time and am really looking forward to some exciting things that are coming up. God has put some incredible people in my path, and I am blessed by all that I am learning everyday.

This has been a season of change, and a bit of uncertainty, but what I am certain of is that although I'm not 100% certain what "this" is, I have been called to it, and that you all are AMAZING!

Stay tuned to Facebook for upcoming events, and I promise I will get my act together on a newsletter (and online shop) very soon!

In Health,


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